Curriculum Vitae

Specializing in responsive layouts and system interfaces for an effective user experience 

Award-winning Design Director, Innovative Visual Designer, UX/UI Designer, Conceptor, and Freelance-Graphic Artist with over fifteen years professional design experience
International Academy of Design & Technology Orlando, Florida // Graduated 2005 • Cum Laude • President’s Honor Award





Recent Experience in Education

Visual Design / UX UI Design • Custom learning software for education enhancement


Course Choice State of Louisiana
This project was the first of its kind; Course Choice connected every student in the State of Louisiana with every teacher and school in all districts. This expanded the education resources available to every student 

Compass Learning
Digitalization of the ACT test 

College Board
Digitization of SAT test; designed and created a system which structured easier accessibility and interaction with validated college professors through a personalized student home page

Designed the OAIF Digital interactive system used by teachers and students to track grades, work, progress and special student needs 

    Personal Learning System that demonstrated record results in the 11 most challenging school districts in Detroit, MI.  Invited to the White House to present; Secretary of Education called it "a game-changer"

    Learning Management System built on an extensible learning infrastructure including a Digital Library, Curriculum Mapping, Assessments, Analytics and a Grade Book

    InBloom Browser
    Interfaces for accessing curated education literature funded by the Gates Foundation

    DNPS - A sector involved with the New York State education system. Designed UI/UX functionality to expand the usefulness and value of its current platform by improving content search, enhancing system reporting, and implemented an ability to browse by direct links with Education Content Providers

    College Extension
    Enterprise software allowing teachers to track lesson plans, student progress, grades & attendance. Teachers are also able to assign specific lessons for individual students ensuring everyone receives an individualized education. Students are able to earn validated college credits through College Extension which pairs college professors with larger groups of teachers and students.  College professors are able to approve students' work and qualify them receive transferable college credits





    Recent Experience in Digital & Mobile

    Visual Design / Concepting / UX UI Design • Diverse-purpose responsive applications including business systems and mobile use  


    InMotion Software
    Classic, award-winning web design created in tandem with fresh branding and a new corporate identity

    Alamo Reality & Imagine Virtua
    Branding of a revolutionary experience in augmented reality. Users are able to look back in time using the smartphone as a looking glass. Alamo Reality recreates the Battle of the Alamo that allows users to walk around the scene as spectators to view the battle from any angle imaginable. This is a true blend of the past and future coming together today

    Award-winning UX & UI design built around social photograph collections; Users contribute photos & video from their own devices into a shared album surrounding an event

    AT&T Email Experience
    In an effort to target a younger demographic, AT&T will roll out a 3-phase implementation of this new design and experience. The first phase was a subtle update to the current interface to be more modern and to feel more comfortable for legacy users. The next phase is a complete overhaul of the UI with new design guidelines

    The final phase is a totally new and updated UX & UI design putting focus on the "home" dashboard intending to create a personal-information hub allowing users to connect social media accounts and communication/messaging apps

    Locate "Hot Spots" of activity throughout a city using real-time data collected from a variety of popular social networks

    Initial web design for a cutting-edge AI product. CognitiveScale emulates human cognitive function by pairing people and machines

    Shared/social web browsing

      Value/Price comparables to a user’s local area

      Digital and remote control of a smart-home network

      Designed for users to monitor personal health information

      A real estate tool used by agents, buyers and brokers to assess current market values and available loan offers. This system specifically focused on finding the best deals for first-time homebuyers

      Digital Turbine
      An app designed for businesses to simplify advertising, m
      aximize revenue, increase user engagement and save cost

      H-E-B Pharmacy
      4.8-star rating. Manage prescriptions and access all the great services at their local H-E-B Pharmacy like immunizations and health screenings. Users can scan their empty prescription bottle or select from a list of available prescriptions to easily refill their prescriptions. Users can also set up auto-refills, and H-E-B will automatically refill the prescription before running out of medication and alert the user when it is ready for pick up via text, email, and/or phone call

      H-E-B Main App/Curbside & Delivery
      Currently in production, this app allows H-E-B customers to browse, search and shop the catalogue of specific H-E-B locations.  Orders can be placed and users can choose to pick up the order, or have it delivered

      Business management system designed for accommodating all communications and records throughout large businesses 





      Recent Conceptual Design

      Visual Design / Concepting • Initial concepts and visions to push the envelope of what is possible  


      Award-winning futuristic concept in response to a world-wide challenge issued by Elon Musk;  high-speed train transportation between metro areas which allowed passengers to bring their own vehicles on board.  The concept was accepted and received global notoriety and recognition

      Drone Ambulance
      Precious time is lost for accident victims as they are forced to wait for the ambulance to arrive.  The Drone Ambulance is designed to operate without an on-board pilot, and specifically made to be small enough to land in tight spaces, such as a highway or interstate.  This ambulance could save more lives by cutting drastically cutting down the emergency response time

      The Internet of Things
      Concepts developed for Centralite Simple Devices for a Connected World; Smart-home integration

      Wearable Technology
      These following concepts were designed and published on for the FastCo Design Wearables Week

      • Kineseowear • Similar to an artificial muscle that will automatically signal the brain to correct posture through the physical connection to the body
      • OuijiBand • An electronic counter-weight attached to the wrist. The OuijiiBand uses a gimbal and a gyroscope creating perfect stability by smoothing fine motor movements. Surgeons may use this technology to create exact incisions during surgery
      • Lalala • Noise-cancelling device that allows the wearer to hear particular voices more clearly by identifying and eliminated background sounds. Ideal for use in a loud restaurant
      • Snapchat IRL • As cameras are auto-focusing preparing to capture a photograph, this stand-alone device detects the infrared light emitted by the cameras and emits a short burst of light of its own "blinding" the camera and preventing a clear photograph.  Celebrities falling victim to the overwhelming presence of paparazzi now have a way to fight back